Welcome to IT SERVICE HUB!

We are doing our best to help businesses solve their problems and achive the goals.

Our Services

Our primary domain is IT consulting and solving complex IT problems.

SYstem Design

We can take the idea and turn it into the real project, detailed and prepared for the implementation. 

IT Architecture planning

Our devOps engeneers can work out the best options to build the robust, scalable and secure environment for your IT projects.

software development

Before starting the implementation, we develop the requirements, specifications and test plans so you always know what the results will look like.

Qa and testing

Quality assurance is the key of any IT project, we practice continuous integration process so the software is always tested and stable.

SEO Optimization

If you need to promote your project, we can work on the web assets optimization, considering the competitors and investigating the market state.

Continuous Support

We try to build long-term relations with our clients, so are always here to help you with your existing or new projects support.


We started as a small web development company and then shifted our interests to more complex tasks: information systems architecture and devOps, IT consulting, choosing the best and the most effective technologies for our clients.

Our home office is located in Ljubljana and our team includes software architects, devOps and developers from all over the world, allowing us to bridge the gap between timezones, languages and cultural differences.

We have distributed team of many specialities and professions. We work with many partners and always can offer you the optimal team that will suit your need and won’t make you pay more than required.

Our approach is based on the best IT standards and allows us to meet client expectations without over complicating the project. We try to consider not only the problem itself but also make sure that the solutions will fit client’s business model.

For any project we try to find the solutions that not only solve the problem but also powerful and flexible enough to grow with the client’s business.



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